True Democracy


We are currently living in a so-called democratic system which the only perspective for the people to be part of it seems to be through elections or referendums. You can always send letters to your Member of Parliament, talk to a mediator (we have that in France), but is it true participative or deliberative democracy […]

Sleepers, Awake ! (Video)

Sleepers, Awake ! image

EOL – Sleepers, Awake ! from Léo Urriolabeitia on Vimeo. Sleepers, Awake ! is a video which features some free improvisation music over extracts of Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky (1972). Extracts of music used include : – Coluche “Si j’ai bien tout lu freud” (french humourist) (Vinyl) – My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows […]

Sound Resistance (Grand Theft Audio)

Sound Resistance Artwork

Direct Download Sound Resistance Mixtape (Grand Theft Audio) by Re-Drum on Mixcloud Sound Resistance (Grand Theft Audio) is an hommage to plunderphonics, culture jamming and the likes. The purpose of this mixtape is to show the concepts behing these genres, the “fair use” philosophy, the openness and post-anarchism. Tracklist : Negativland – Announcement The Residents […]