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Loxy & Resound feat. Alia Fresco – Remember FREE DL

The Levels - Remember

I’m very happy to see this track finally out there :) I have been in contact with Loxy some years ago for a possible collaboration and sent him some samples of deep sounding stuff. And I’m glad to see how it went. He worked out the track with Resound and teamed up with vocalist as The Levels. This is the kind of stuff I’m looking for: blending musical aesthetics to create something new.

I hope you’ll dig it 😉

Free download :

Marées Electromagnétiques


From Real To Unreal (Mix)

Jean-Michel Basquiat untitled (head)

From Real To Unreal by Re-Drum on Mixcloud

This mix explores the begining of musique concrète and experimental music to more industrial and psychedelic stuff, and finishing with latest techno/house/ambient.

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Bernard Parmegiani – Instant 0
Pierre Henry – Erotica
Walter Ruttmann – Weekend
Luciano Berio – Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)
Bernard Parmegiani – Etude Elastique
Pierre Schaeffer – Etude Aux Chemins de Fer
Einstürzende Neubauten – Tanz Debil
Coil – Ravenous
The Residents – N-er gee (Crisis Blues)
The Residents – Walrus Hunt
Cromagnon – Ritual Feast of the Libido
Cromagnon – Crow of the Black Tree
Aphrodite’s Child – All the Seats Were Occupied
Can – Aumgn (Edit)
Steve Reich – Come Out
Steve Reich – Clapping Music
Nico Muhly – Mothertongue Pt.1: Archive
Nico Muhly – Mothertongue Pt.2: Shower
Quiltland – Extension Class (1991 Remix)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nassau
Patricia – Plural
Truncate – Break Down
Heah High – Think It
Josh Winiberg – Acid Angel (Re-Drum Remix)
Head High – Hex Pad
Antonin Artaud – Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement de Dieu (DJ Spooky Remix)
F.C. Judd – Cheery Bye

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True Democracy


We are currently living in a so-called democratic system which the only perspective for the people to be part of it seems to be through elections or referendums. You can always send letters to your Member of Parliament, talk to a mediator (we have that in France), but is it true participative or deliberative democracy ?

During the French and American revolutions of the late 17th century, the people who fight for them where not the masses, per se. They were a minority, an elite. And while the people were shouting out “Power for the people”, they made it difficult to bring a system of a true democracy BY the people. And during those times, only a minority were able to vote. Democracy has a long history of appropriation by aristocracy. And we are still far from having a true democratic system where the people, all people can discuss, deliberate.

Political parties were born after 1850 and late 19th century. Later, they have been strengthen by the development of a civil society, mass media who dominates the public space and social media, as for today.

People are less and less involved in political parties and in the electoral system which is dying. A renewal of our democratic system needs to be done, a new system which would imply people to be part of it. Think of what the Parliament is at the moment. A technocratic, oligarchic system which debates (yes) but it does not represent the true nature of our society.

What are the remedies for a society sickened by its insitutions ?

The answer is quite simple in fact. Return to what some early civilizations has made to let the people deliberate on serious subjects: Assembly selected by lot (yes, like a Jury). That was done in Athens (5th B.C), in several city in Italy (Venice, Florence), in Spain (Aragon), to ensure that the dominating families who get the power wouldn’t fight for power. The idea of an assembly drawn by lot seems very interesting. And that can be done today without a bloody revolution by taking simple steps :

– To elaborate a single law (like in British-Columbia), or the Constitution (like in Iceland)
– To elaborate all the laws of a part of the public policy (stuff that even our elected people wouldn’t take care of, are afraid to solve by themselves, like their salaries or the electoral law)
– Improve the quality of the deliberations in the context of a citizens’ initiative or a referendum.
– To replace an elected Chamber of a bicameral system.
– To take in charge all the legislative process in place of an elected legislature.

More reflections on this may appear, any suggestions are welcome.

This was inspired by a book I read called Against the Elections by David Van Reybrouck (Flemish), which thought the problem he saw in Belgium, with no government during the 2010-2011 period, could bring a new form of government, both legitimate and effective.

Sleepers, Awake ! (Video)

Sleepers, Awake ! image

EOL - Sleepers, Awake ! from Léo Urriolabeitia on Vimeo.

Sleepers, Awake ! is a video which features some free improvisation music over extracts of Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky (1972).
Extracts of music used include :
– Coluche “Si j’ai bien tout lu freud” (french humourist) (Vinyl)
– My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When (Vinyl)
– Wally Badarou – Words Of A Mountain (Cassette)

Hardware :
– Vestax VMC-002 XL (with connected input and output)
– Kool Sound Club 04 Mixer (what a fucking cheap thing!)
– Superb Sound Toy Electronic Keyboard (Bended with Playstaion Joysticks)
РSpeak and Spell (La Dict̩e Magique РBended)
– Cassette Player Schneider TR 3645
– Radio Receiver Marantz ST143L
– Vester II Concert Series Bass
– Marshall VS15R Amp.
– A claasic Technics SL-1210 MKII Turntable.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ableton had made an error while recording the file, so the sound you hear is picked up by my camera internal mics.

Sound Resistance (Grand Theft Audio)

Sound Resistance Artwork

Direct Download

Sound Resistance Mixtape (Grand Theft Audio) by Re-Drum on Mixcloud

Sound Resistance (Grand Theft Audio) is an hommage to plunderphonics, culture jamming and the likes. The purpose of this mixtape is to show the concepts behing these genres, the “fair use” philosophy, the openness and post-anarchism.

Tracklist :

Negativland – Announcement
The Residents – Kaw-Liga
Alien Chasm Jock – dab
The Residents – This A Man’s Man’s World
Steinski & Mass Media – The Motorcade Sped On
Sue Ann Harkey & Hackim Bey – Kop Kulture
Frank Zappa – Who Are The Brain Police ?
Negativland – The ABC Of Anarchism
Beastie Boys – Rock Hard
DJ Food & DK – Let’s Play Drums
New Orb Jam – brown
Einsturzende Neubauten – Pygmaen
Albert Marcoeur – Simone
DJ Food – Break
Re-Drum – To Get Back Home
Re-Drum – The Last Breath
Frank Zappa – Cheepnis (intro)
Alain Bashung – Samuel Hall
Re-Drum – Time
5cm – mother
Culturcide – They Aren’t The World
Negativland – You Must Respect Copyright
Woobly – Clawing Your Eyes Out Down to Your Throat
The Residents – Hit The Road Jack
The Residents – Swastikas On Parade (excerpt)
Frank Zappa – What Ever Happened To All The Fun in The World
Moe Jeek – Hello My Name Is Moe Jeek
Moe Jeek – Wooblarbalurg
Re-Drum – Black
Deru – I Would Like
Sushi Dart Scar – z24
John Cage – 4’33”
The Residents – Hitler was a Vegetarian (excerpt)
Negativland – Crosley Bendix Discusses the U.S. Copyright Act

Direct Download

I Hear A New World (mix)


I Hear A New World by Re-Drum on Mixcloud

A psychedelic dream-like experience… Beware, your friends may not recognize you after listening to this !

Daydreaming (mix)


Daydreaming by Re-Drum on Mixcloud

A dream-like trip to the borders of Shoegaze and dream-pop genres. Lick the candy !

Cosmic Jam (mix)


Cosmic Jam by Re-Drum on Mixcloud

A trip to the cosmic world of 70’s music.